maandag 2 mei 2011

Tim Van Steenbergen

I promised to write an article about one of our Belgian designers, so here it is ;)! I chose to write about Tim Van Steenbergen because I’m absolutely in love with the White tie sunglasses that he designed for the brand Theo!

Tim Van Steenbergen went to the Antwerp Royal Academy of Fine Arts where he graduated Magna cum Laude. He launched his first collection in 2002 in Paris and a bit later his company. He also created jewelry for Swarovski, the bag “le Seau Elsa” for Lancel and so much more.
These are a few of my favorite pieces of the SS collection 2011. The dress in the second picture is my all time favorite! What are your favorite pieces? Do you like his collection?

Like I said I’m absolutely in love with the White tie, Theo sunglasses by Tim Van Steenbergen. These two are my favorites but on his website you can see the entire collection. Unfortunately these babies were sold out in only one day! The good news is that they will soon be available in sparkling colors! Can’t wait to see them!

I also wanted to show you a preview of his FW Collection 2011/2012. We can see a lot of dark colors like gray, black and white. Van Steenbergen also uses very dramatic prints in this collection: 

(All pictures are photo courtesy of Tim Van Steenbergen. Source: 

x Nathalie

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  1. a very interesting collection! good work :)

  2. awesome designs indeed! love the dresses!

  3. thank you for comment at my blog. i like your blog.

  4. Great concept to his collection, he's just my kind of designer !!
    I absoultely ADORE his prints and cuts, very cohesive and they also look very flattering !
    Thank you for sharing this with us :)

  5. I love the cream dress. I really love his collection!!
    thank you for commenting on my blog!!
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    xoxo asiahlynn

  6. Great post! Very pretty!
    Nice blog too!

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    x A.

  7. nice pics...thanks for these inspiring things and informations!
    thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. I follow you now, come back to visit me and if u want follow me back!
    kisses, v

  8. Yeah, the ping-pong table was so small, awkward! =d
    Tim Van Steenbergen has published a book about his collections, inspiration, his life, etc. You should read it, full of pictures! x christin

  9. He's the best. Just wish I was a rich girl :-)

  10. These pics are amazing!!

  11. Interesting, I´ve never heard about him. He seems amazing.