donderdag 5 mei 2011

Ibiza sky :)!

I love it when people bring me souvenirs! Don't you? My boyfriend got back from Ibiza two days ago and he brought me the cutest gift :) : a cherry umbrella! The cherries are actually the symbol of the night club Pacha, which is the most famous club in Ibiza! I love it how the leaves come open when I open my umbrella :)!

My mother-in-law brought me a souvenir from the Mon2 shop in Ibiza. They have a website but it's still under construction 

She brought me this cute little orange bag! I really adore the color :), which really fits into this spring's bright colors trend :)!

x Nathalie

6 opmerkingen:

  1. De tas is superleuk! Ik vind oranje een prachtig kleur :)

  2. Thank you for visiting my site and for leaving such a lovely comment. I googled an image for twitter and linked the image to my twitter account. Please come back for a visit again soon.

  3. Die paraplu, how cute! Lief dat ze cadeautjes voor jou hebben mee gebracht!


  4. wat een fantastische paraplu! superleuk.
    x M.