dinsdag 31 mei 2011

Sorry guys :(!

Sorry guys that I haven't been posting a lot lately but I'm writing my thesis and it has to be finished this week :s *sigh *! As I am the queen of postponing schoolwork I'm having a hard time to finish it :(. Why am I always doing this? Well, the answer is simple as long as I can pull it off I will keep doing it :s. Hopefully this time it doesn't blow up in my face. Oh well :) let the future decide!

Oh yes, I was checking out my Twitter and found the new Jeremy Scott and Longchamp collaboration on this website Knack Weekend. The bag will be available in all Longchamp stores as of the 1th of July. Do you like this bag?

(Photo Courtesy of Knack Weekend)

7 opmerkingen:

  1. Nathalie!

    Like everyone else in sweden I have a blog, have had another one under my time here but I changed back to the an old one, it´s mostly so I can write and tell my family and friends at home, but I like writing! ;)

    This guy Is one of the Kindest persons I ever met with a heart of gold as we say in sweden, he have helpt me a lot through my tuff times and Im so happy to have him as a friend!

    You are good, så fin person means as you said- a nice person (personality) and fantastiska bilder-fantastic pictures :)


    By the way: I actually like the bag a lot!

  2. PS. the thing about everybody else having a blog is a joke, but today a lot of people in sweden starts a blog, thinking they will be famous but the joke didn´t sound so good I see xD DS

  3. This tote is just too funny! I can't help but love it, although I doubt I'd ever carry one :) Good luck with your thesis!

  4. Ik doe het ook, altijd maar verzetten en verzetten..

    De tas is grappig, dat wel


  5. The bag is awesome, spotted it on the Weekend Knack site as well ^^ Good job on the thesis, sooo glad mine's out of the way. Still got 3 exams though, like I told you. How about you, what's next? Summer holiday plans, new studies next year, the job hunt? x

  6. Good luck with your thesis and that bag is super cute!!! I'm like you always postponing schoolwork!