zaterdag 26 november 2011

Zara TRF Evening Lookbook 2011/2012

I really like Zara's TRF evening Lookbook. I should definitely go shopping soon! Love the lace, fur and glitter! My favorite piece in this collection is the combined dress in the first picture!

(Photo Courtesy of Zara)

(Photo Courtesy of Zara)

(Photo Courtesy of Zara)

(Photo Courtesy of Zara)

(Photo Courtesy of Zara)

(Photo Courtesy of Zara)

vrijdag 18 november 2011

Party dresses

A bit more than a month and it's already Christmas :) I'm sooo looking forward to all the parties! I haven't got a dress yet but I have already seen some very nice dresses:

(Photo Courtesy of Zara €69,95)
(Photo Courtesy of h&m €29,95)

(Photo Courtesy of Mango €34,95)

(Photo Courtesy of Mango €34,95)

(Photo Courtesy of Mango €49,95)

(Photo Courtesy of Mango € 119)

donderdag 27 oktober 2011

Bruno Pieters for Weekday

I've already made a post of Bruno Pieters for Weekday a while ago but I just love this designer so much that I decided to write another article about him.

I just wanted to show you my favorite pieces of his collection for Weekday. Why don't we have a Weekday in Belgium :(? Ok Weekday-people if you are reading this WE WANT WEEKDAY IN BELGIUM ASAP ;)! Through this link you can find the entire Bruno Pieters for Weekday collection: Bruno Pieters for Weekday

I love it how he can make 'plain' colors like grey and black look so vivid with his special cuts. The Anne dress in the first picture is absolutely my favorite one together with the Ines cardigan. A cardigan can be a bit boring but the special cut of the Ines cardigan can give this little extra to your outfit
(Photo Courtesy of Weekday: Anne dress grey €50)

(Photo Courtesy of Weekday: Christine jeans black €50)

(Photo Courtesy of Weekday: Ines cardigan grey €60)

(Photo Courtesy of Weekday: Julia top black €40)

(Photo Courtesy of Weekday: Maja skirt black €60)

(Photo Courtesy of Weekday: Sybille woven t-shirt grey €50)

maandag 17 oktober 2011

I've been away for a while ...

Hi guys! It's been a while :(!

I'm sorry that I have been neglecting my blog lately, but due to travelling and my first job :) I couldn't really find the time to make new posts.

The first week of September I went to Gran Canaria for one week with my sister and my mom. I really love that little Spanish Island :)! The weather was great, we stayed in a beautiful town called Puerto de Mogan and our appartment was just perfect! (I will upload some photos later ;))

Travelling means souvenirs ;)! I looove souvenirs! This is what I bought in Gran Canaria:

(I finally found the perfect leather moccasin! Brand: Mustang)

(In one of my previous blog posts I already expressed my love for my Ipanema's. I had to buy a new pair!)

(I don't know if you guys are familiar with this brand ... It's a Spanish brand called Natura. It's a budget brand but you can find really nice stuff there. When I was in Barcelona I bought a Natura scarf :).)

( I love this bag! Looks better in reality than on the picture ;)! I bought it in a store where they only sold these kind of bags. You see them a lot in Spain :) and they come in different sizes and colors.)

(A typical Spanish souvenir)

(I had to buy this fruit bowl. I love the colors. It will really make my "future-kitchen" :) brighter.)

(My new bracelets :). The colors can make a simple outfit light up.)

(My sister, mom and I bought the same lucky charm!)

(Couldn't resist to buy an ankle bracelet for my days on the beach.)

donderdag 4 augustus 2011

Bruno Pieters for Weekday

Bruno Pieters is back! The young Belgian designer, who is well-known for his work at Hugo Boss will make a small collection for the Scandinavian brand Weekday! The collection will be available as from the 14th of October. I think he will be using a lot of black and minimalistic pieces. What can you expect? Check out the pictures below:

(Photo Courtesy of Weekday)

(Photo Courtesy of Weekday)

(Photo Courtesy of Weekday)

(Photo  Courtesy of Weekday)

donderdag 28 juli 2011

Panache sports bra

It's all about underwear today ;). Just bumped into an article about a new sports bra for larger-breasted women. Far from relevant for me, but really useful for others. I remember that even in high school some of the girls in my class were really suffering during our gym classes, especially when we had to run. So it's good news that Panache designed a new sports bra. The bra will be available from October 2011. It will cost around 40 EUR and will be available in sizes D to H. If you want to know more about this bra you can read more in the Daily Mail article through the following link: Daily Mail

(Panache sports bra. Photo Courtesy of the Daily Mail.)