donderdag 27 oktober 2011

Bruno Pieters for Weekday

I've already made a post of Bruno Pieters for Weekday a while ago but I just love this designer so much that I decided to write another article about him.

I just wanted to show you my favorite pieces of his collection for Weekday. Why don't we have a Weekday in Belgium :(? Ok Weekday-people if you are reading this WE WANT WEEKDAY IN BELGIUM ASAP ;)! Through this link you can find the entire Bruno Pieters for Weekday collection: Bruno Pieters for Weekday

I love it how he can make 'plain' colors like grey and black look so vivid with his special cuts. The Anne dress in the first picture is absolutely my favorite one together with the Ines cardigan. A cardigan can be a bit boring but the special cut of the Ines cardigan can give this little extra to your outfit
(Photo Courtesy of Weekday: Anne dress grey €50)

(Photo Courtesy of Weekday: Christine jeans black €50)

(Photo Courtesy of Weekday: Ines cardigan grey €60)

(Photo Courtesy of Weekday: Julia top black €40)

(Photo Courtesy of Weekday: Maja skirt black €60)

(Photo Courtesy of Weekday: Sybille woven t-shirt grey €50)

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  1. Die zwarte jeans en " Julia" top vind ik wel leuk.

  2. wow I love all!!

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