dinsdag 31 mei 2011

Sorry guys :(!

Sorry guys that I haven't been posting a lot lately but I'm writing my thesis and it has to be finished this week :s *sigh *! As I am the queen of postponing schoolwork I'm having a hard time to finish it :(. Why am I always doing this? Well, the answer is simple as long as I can pull it off I will keep doing it :s. Hopefully this time it doesn't blow up in my face. Oh well :) let the future decide!

Oh yes, I was checking out my Twitter and found the new Jeremy Scott and Longchamp collaboration on this website Knack Weekend. The bag will be available in all Longchamp stores as of the 1th of July. Do you like this bag?

(Photo Courtesy of Knack Weekend)

woensdag 25 mei 2011

Happy 11th Birthday Sam :) ! xxx

Meet Sam, my cute Golden Retriever :)! Today my sweetheart turned 11. Yup he really is a gramps ;)
Samie totally loves presents! We always have to be careful when we put presents underneath our Christmas tree because Sam loves to unwrap them :)!

Good morning :)

My present

Unwrapping my present

Go away it's my present

My present is big and so delicious

Playing with my present

Attacking my present

I know that it doesn't fit in my mouth but hey at least I can try

zondag 22 mei 2011

Mango FW 2011/2012

These are few preview looks of Mango's FW collection 2011/2012. The dominating colors are black, red and gold. Mango also keeps using white in its FW collection which I absolutely love! I think the white blazer is just amazing! You can pre-order these selected items until the 31st of May -->  Mango

(All pictures are Photo Courtesy of Mango)

woensdag 18 mei 2011

Zara TRF + woman lookbook May

I've always been a big fan of Zara, that's why I wanted to share the lookbook with you guys :). I'm totally in love with the coat on the 12th picture! Are you a big fan of Zara as well?

Loving this coat!

( I absolutely adore this royal blue blouse)

(I think this blazer is just perfect! The cut, the bright color :) <3)

(All pictures are Photo Courtesy of Zara)

maandag 16 mei 2011

Hollister Belgium

Probably most of you already know that the American brand Hollister is coming to Belgium :) ! I still wanted to write something about it because I'm so excited and really like this brand. I have two Hollister T-shirts and the quality is really good! The stores will be opening in the following two malls: Wijnegem Shoppingcenter and Waasland Shoppingcenter . These are a few of my favorite pieces of the SS 2011 collection. My favorite one is the white dress! Do you like this brand? Which are your favorite pieces?

(27/10/11: the Hollister store is now open for over a month and is definitely a great succes! The store is actually bigger than I expected and  I was also surprised that the prices are still ok :) )

( Flip Flops $ 29,50)

( Shorts $ 29,50)

( Hoodie $ 39,50)

(Skirt $ 39,50)

( Shirt $ 39,50)

(Jeans $ 39,50)

( Dress $ 79,50 . All pictures are Photo Courtesy of Hollister )