maandag 16 mei 2011

Gold shoes

According to Vogue we should all take a pair of gold shoes with us on vacation. I think that you can wear gold shoes for almost every occasion. You can wear them under a pair of jeans, or shorts when you go to the beach, you can wear them to go out, etc. Gold shoes can give that little extra touch to your outfit. I selected a couple of pairs for you. Do you like gold shoes? The Ted Baker one's are my favorite :)

( Alexandre Birman € 322, 48. Photo Courtesy of net-a-porter)

(Yves Saint Laurent € 850. Photo Courtesy of net-a-porter)

(Asos € 15,74. Photo Courtesy of asos)

(H&M € 9,95. Photo Courtesy of H&M)

(Miu Miu € 420. Photo Courtesy of net-a-porter)

(Steve Madden € 59,99. Photo Courtesy of Steve Madden)

(Steve Madden € 69,99. Photo Courtesy of Steve Madden

( Ted Baker € 73,47. Photo Courtesy of Asos)

6 opmerkingen:

  1. Ik heb zelf gouden sandalen, al deze sandalen zijn PRACHTIG, leuke post!


  2. I want a golden pants, can't find it :(

  3. this is so great!
    i really love your blog... every post is fantastic and you have really great style!
    I hope you'll pass by and follow too.

  4. what great sandlas! i love this color for shoes! love the rope sandals!