zaterdag 7 mei 2011


I love to wear flip-flops when the weather is sweet ;)! I don't know how many pairs I have, but my favorites are my havaianas and my Ipanema's because they are sooo comfortable! It's like I'm not wearing shoes at all! Here are pictures of my favorite flip-flops :):

As you can see my Ipanema's are actually more water sandals and that's what I like about them. I went rafting with these babies, almost lost them :D but hey they survived! I'm really amazed about the quality of these sandals because I already have them 3 years and I wear them a lot! I want to buy new Ipanema's but I'm not a big fan of the new collection because Gisele used a lot of bow ties in it. But that's just a matter of flavor of course :). The one's I do like are these (24,95 EUR):

(Photo Courtesy of Ipanema: )

I'm really in love with the new havaianas collection. As you all know the missoni havaianas are coming up, but actually my favorites are the Paul and Joe's:

(Photo Courtesy of Knack-weekend and Stylosophy Shoes)

You can check out the entire collection at:

I found this yellow flip-flops at the H&M website. I think they would be perfect for this summer and the price is good ;), only 4,95 EUR

(Photo Courtesy of H&M)

I also think that O'Neill and Reef  have very nice collections. These are my favorites:

(Photo Courtesy of O'Neill and Reef)

Do you like to wear flip-flops? Which are your favorites?

x Nathalie

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  1. They look lovely! The yelow ones are my favorites

  2. Leuke blog :).
    Wie weet kom ik je wel eens tegen in Antwerpen!

  3. Ik hou wel van flipflops, alleen draag ik ze veelste weinig

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