zaterdag 30 april 2011

The royal wedding!

Yesterday Great Britain got their fairytale wedding :)! I had to go to school, therefore I missed the wedding :( (luckily my mom taped it). The whole day I wondered how Kate's dress would look like! When I got home I finally saw her dress and I just fell in love with it! The lace, the tailoring, ... just perfect! Kate looked absolutely stunning in her Sarah Burton dress! I think her dress confirms once more that Kate truly is a style icon!

(Photo Courtesy of People Magazine)

I know there are already sooooo many articles about the royal wedding, but I wanted to write one as well because I saw our Belgian princess Mathilde in a People Magazine's article about the best hats of the royal wedding and that actually makes me a bit proud ;) ! Here you can see Mathilde's picture:

(Photo Courtesy of People Magazine)

Princess Mathilde is wearing a blue Philip Treacy hat. Through this link you can see the entire list of the best hats:,,20395222_20485864,00.html#20943793

x Nathalie

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  1. she's wore an amazing dress ;)

  2. Heehee!

    Bedankt voor je comment op mijn DIY!
    Ik zit te twijfelen, zal ik meer DIY's plaatsen op mijn blog? Lijkt je dat leuk haha?
    Anyway, het huwelijk was echt prachtig!

    Liefs ♥

  3. Thank you very much for your comment !!
    I find your blog so pretty ...
    I follow you ...



  4. I was also in class Friday morning, but secretly watched part of the wedding on a friend's iPad ^^ It was fun to watch (although the ceremony was a bit long and dull) x

  5. Nice pics! :)

    xoxo Caroline

  6. she really loked wonderful! i love her dress! i also love the variety of hats people were! love it!