donderdag 9 juni 2011


Hey guys at 9 p.m. I'm flying to Barcelona with my boyfriend :)! My grandmother is so sweet! She bought me a pair of Birkenstocks because she thought that I would be walking a lot :)! I have been wearing them for a couple of days now and they are sooo comfortable! Of course you gotta love them. I think it's the same with Uggs love 'em or hate 'em. Are you a Birkenstockfan or do you absolutely hate them ;)?

My grandma bought me the Gizeh Gold Brown Birkenstocks:

(Photo Courtesy of Birkenstock)

I really like these too:

(Photo Courtesy of Birkenstock. Kairo Jet Black)

(Photo Courtesy of Birkenstock. Sparta Antik Braun)

(Photo Courtesy of Birkenstock. Mayari Graceful Rose Wine)

(Photo Courtesy of Birkenstock. Gizeh Rose Red Lack)

7 opmerkingen:

  1. I love them for on vacation not so much for at home don't know why! I have pink ones :)

  2. Ik zoek al heel lang mooie bruine, maar ze hebben nooit mijn maat...

    Veel plezier!

  3. In alle eerlijkheid vind ik ze alles behalve elegant, maar ik moet toegeven dat ik ook bijna een hele zomer op Birkenstocks rondloop. Ze zitten zo comfy he!

  4. i love those type of sandals! they're very comfortable, and your grandma sounds so sweet!
    have a lovely trip!

  5. I've never been a big fan of the way Birkenstocks look, although some of these styles are surprisingly fashionable... But, like Uggs, they definitely have practical applications that I appreciate. If you're going to be walking a lot, Birkenstocks are the order of the day- so sweet of your grandma to get you a pair :) Have a wonderful time in Barcelona!

  6. Aaah Birkenstocks and Uggs, my two guilty pleasures :) They're just so comfy! And I even think they look cool. Maybe because I know how warm and fuzzy they make my feet feel, oh no wait, that's just the Uggs :d x

  7. I was so happy that I had Birkenstocks with me :D because we walked and we walked and we walked! x